It’s time to Spring Clean Your Pool

The days are getting warmer and any minute the kids could be begging “can we go for a swim”?

Here are some great tips to prepare for the season, save money, and help you get the most out of your pool.

1. Empty your skimmer and pump baskets.

2. Brush the walls and floor of your pool and vacuum all debris.

3. If you haven’t already cleaned your filter then now is a good time.

Cartridge Filters: Soak your cartridge in Filter Cleaner to remove body fats and oils. With regular cleaning you will prolong the life of your cartridge and improve the efficiency of your filter and enhance your water clarity.

Sand filters: Before soaking your filter, it is advisable to do a quick backwash and rinse. Shut down your filtration and remove your multiport valve and add 500g of Filter Cleaner directly into the filter. Leave for 24 hours to degrease your sand. After turning your filtration back on, backwash and rinse your filter. A clean filter is an efficient filter.

4. Take a sample of water into our Forestville Poolcentral poolshop and balance your water accordingly.
A sachet of
Oxyfresh applied to your pool water will burn out contaminants and free up your sanitiser so it is working effectively.

5. Whilst chlorine will kill algae it does not remove the dead algae. Let us check your pool for Phosphates. High levels of phosphates (algae food) will use up chlorine very quickly increasing chlorine usage. If Phosphates are present we would recommend Phosphate Remover be added to the pool.

6. Protect against summer algae by adding an algaecide suitable for your pool. We suggest you talk to us but generally Long Life Algaecide is suitable for salt water, and chlorine fed pools. If your pool is ionised, then we would recommend an All In One Algaecide which is a non metal based algaecide.

7. Lastly, add a water clarifier to rid your pool of small particles that are too fine to filter out. This treatment will bind the particles together and trap them in the filter for removal. Sparkle Tab Clarifier Tabs are added to the skimmer and can be used weekly to add sparkle to your water throughout the season.

8. Now you are ready to swim, knowing that your pool water is safe and free from algae and contaminants.

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Best regards & happy healthy swimming


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