Five Common Pool Problems And How to Avoid Them

Five Common Pool Problems And How to Avoid Them

There are over 1.1 million backyard swimming pools in Australia and that number is set to rise.

But owning a pool is no small feat. There are a plethora of unexpected problems that can arise.

So to make life easier, we’ve compiled a list of five of the most common pool problems, and how you can tackle them.

Green Algae

Problem: A healthy pool comes with clear or blue water. But all too often owners encounter green pool water riddled with harmful algae. Algae will generally infest in pools that lack chlorine and can result in a long list of water-related illnesses.

Solution: As mentioned above, the main cause for green algae is a low chlorine level. So if your pool water is beginning to turn green, it’s time to call in the professionals. To future proof your pool, you need to ensure that you up your chlorine levels to prevent future algae infestation.

Clogged Filter

Problem: A clogged pool filter is another common issue pool owners face. In order to keep the water looking pristine, your pool uses a filter to circulate water and keep the gunk out. However, a pool filter will become clogged if you don’t clean your pool regularly. Objects like dirt, leaves, and bugs will clog up your pool filter and make it useless.

Solution: If you spot an unusual amount of debris in your pool, a clogged filter is likely the culprit. To rectify, simply clear out the filter. To avoid future clogs, it’s imperative that you clean your pool on a regular basis.

Chlorine Overload

Problem: We know chlorine is the best way to combat a green pool, however, too much chlorine can be dangerous. Eye irritation and difficulty seeing underwater mean your pool may have too much chlorine.

Solution: It’s critical that pool owners get comfortable with measuring how much chlorine is in their pool and keeping that level consistent and safe. Those a little weary about maintaining these levels are encouraged to leave it to the professionals.

High or Low pH

Problem: An unbalanced pool water pH can lead to an array of problems. Low pH water can cause the erosion of grout, stone, concrete and tiling. Meanwhile, a pool with a high pH – considered alkaline – can result in bacteria entering your pool, which can cause eye, throat and skin irritation.

Solution: The pH level can be established by testing your pool. In order to balance the pH you need to use pool chemicals. This again reiterates the importance of cleaning your pool on a regular basis.

Cloudy Water

Problem: There are three main causes of a cloudy pool: a clogged filter, the environment or pool chemicals. The pool filter is responsible for cleaning your pool and without it, you’re left with stagnant cloudy water. Factors like the environment also contribute to cloudy pool water. This includes people, weather, birds, trees and plants, as well as pool algae. Excessive levels of pool chemicals can also result in murky water. Large amounts of pH, high alkalinity and an abundance of calcium hardness can all cause this issue to arise.

Solution: Pool owners can take the following steps to eliminate cloudy water:

  • Clean or replace your pool filter
  • Keep your eye on pH and TA levels
  • Balance free chlorine (FC) levels
  • Remove algae
  • Correct calcium hardness (CH) levels
  • Clean out foreign particles and mineral deposits
  • Scrub and vacuum up the pool
  • Eliminate ammonia

Need Help Maintaining Your Pool?

Pool Central is a small family run business with over 30 years of industry experience. We are fully certified and insured and have a dedicated team of SPASA qualified swimming pool technicians.

We specialise in pool servicing to maintain your swimming pool throughout the year so it’s safe for you and your family. Click here to contact a Pool Central technician today.

How A Poorly Maintained Swimming Pool Can Affect Your Health

How A Poorly Maintained Swimming Pool Can Affect Your Health

There is absolutely no denying that swimming is good for your health and wellbeing. However, these benefits can be offset by a poorly maintained swimming pool.

Bacterial contamination and chemical imbalances are just some of the causes of water-related illnesses.

Let’s take a closer look

Bacterially Contaminated Pool Water

Germs love hanging out in swimming pools.

Pool water riddled with bacteria, viruses, fungi, algae and protozoa can be a breeding ground for numerous illnesses.

Viruses such as hepatitis A and norovirus, bacteria such as Shigella species; E. coli and parasites like Cryptosporidium and Giardia are all a risk if you swim in contaminated water. Each of these can lead to ‘gastro’ like symptoms such as diarrhoea, nausea, vomiting and stomach cramps. A contaminated pool can also cause a skin, eye, nose and ear infection.

These bacteria are unavoidable and are often introduced into water by human skin, hair and sweat.

Chemically Imbalanced Pool Water

Pool water needs to be chemically balanced in order to be safe.

Ignoring the right chemical blend could result in a range of issues including an abundance of tiny particles, high calcium hardness, algae, high alkalinity, low or high pH levels and low chlorine levels. A host of health issues can arise from these issues including eye, nose, ear and skin irritation.

Environmental Contamination

Pool owners who fail to use a pool cover can risk microbiological contaminants entering their pool. Dirt, dust, sand, falling leaves and animal droppings can all wreak havoc on the quality of your pool water and contribute to the number of health issues outlined above.
How to minimise the risks

How to Minimise the Risks

Pool owners can take the following steps to minimise risks:

  • Keep your pool water filtered and chemically treated
  • Test your pool water weekly during the summer season and fortnightly to monthly over the winter season.
  • Clean your pool at least once a week to keep it clean and uncontaminated
  • Keep all pool chemicals stored as recommended on the packaging
  • Do not use your pool if you are sick
  • Keep pets out of the pool
  • Shower or rinse your body before entering the pool
  • Avoid ingesting pool water

Need help with keeping your pool safe?

Pool Central is a small family run business with over 30 years of industry experience. We are fully certified and insured and have a dedicated team of SPASA qualified swimming pool technicians.

We specialise in pool servicing to maintain your swimming pool throughout the year so it’s safe for you and your family. Click here to contact a Pool Central technician today.

Essential Swimming Pool Maintenance – How to Paint It?

Essential Swimming Pool Maintenance – How to Paint It?

A swimming pool is a single source of enjoyment for the entire family and tends to become the focal point for all family and friends to get together as well. This, in fact, is a major investment similar to many other things one might spend on like a house or a car. Hence, it is essential one takes good care of it and maintains it properly.

Some of the common tasks for pool maintenance include cleaning it, dealing with clogged baskets, maintaining the correct chemical levels and also servicing all the pool equipment including the filters.

But that’s not all, it often happens that the pool will require minor repair work or a paint job. A point job is highly beneficial especially if done at the start of peak season, summer. This is when we tend to use the pool the most and painting it will also increase the lifespan of the pool. This article provides essential tips for pool painting in Sydney.

Tips for Swimming Pool Painting

It is not uncommon for homeowners to attempt maintenance themselves. However, at times it happens that the pool might also require minor repair jobs as well. It is best to take care of the repair tasks prior to painting it.  It is often best to leave it to the professionals, however here are few vital tips:

  • It is a good practice to prepare first to ensure a professional look.
  • Wash the pool a couple of times especially if it is an old one.
  • Fix the cracks or tiles that may have chipped, also ensure to clear the debris prior to beginning painting it.
  • It is essential to maintain safety right from the very beginning. Prepare a dedicated mixing area to start with and have all the right equipment as well.
  • Research on the types of paint available and how it is to be used prior to starting out.
  • On having applied a coat of paint it is necessary to allow the paint to sit for a while.
  • Take special care of the corners while painting and ensure the entire surface is covered with a strong coat.
  • Ensure there is a gap of at least 5 hours between the two coats of paint. However, it is not a good idea to wait for more than 48 hours.
  • On completion of the job it is vital you allow it to dry prior to filling it with water.

How Professionals Can Help 

There are several firms offering a reliable and cost-effective swimming pool painting service. Since they have tons of experience, appropriate training and essential skills it is usually best to trust the professionals with the task of painting it. Pool Central is one of the best companies offering a swimming pool painting service. We offer many other services like pool cleaning services in Sydney, pool maintenance and more.

We provide a wide range of pool services for both domestic and commercial swimming pools. The way we work is we first prepare the pool by doing what is necessary including refinishing the surface and ensure there is no repair work necessary.

As one of the best swimming pool painting contractors in Sydney, you can rely on us and stop your search for a good swimming pool shop near me. We offer a professional service; besides which it is also extremely affordable. We go out of our way to ensure we stay within your budget and at the same time provide premium quality pool services. Click here to contact us today.


Here Are Some of the Most Common Pool Pump Issues

Here Are Some of the Most Common Pool Pump Issues

The swimming pool in your home is undoubtedly, one of the most useful and appealing additions.

A well-maintained pool can be the perfect solution for you to relax and unwind after a long day. One of the most significant factors that affect the performance of your pool is the heath of the pumps. Without a well-functioning pump, your pool water will be stagnant and gather moss on the ground level. It is crucial to keep the water of the pool clean and safe; a swimming pool pump does a great job in maintaining the hygiene of the pool. When everything is running smoothly, it is easy to forget to check up on the working condition of the pump.

However, ignore the maintenance of the device at your peril since this can result in a pump failure and can leave your pool redundant. Hence, if your swimming pool pump is not working properly,  you need to fix the problem before it is too late. In this blog, we will go through some of the main problems that can occur swiping pool pumps. Read on and you might be able to identify whether your problem falls under one of these categories.

What is the Function of Swimming Pool Pumps?

Pool pumps circulate chemicals in the pool water that are essential for the proper hygiene of the pool water. The pumps carry the pool water to the filter and chlorinator where the water is re-filtered. This keeps the pool water fresh and sanitized. It removes debris from your pool which reduces the chances of algae build-up which mean that everyone can have an amazing time in the pool.

Now let’s look at some signs that suggest your swimming pool pump needs some help.

The Pump Has Stopped Pumping Water

One of the most common signs to look out for in a pump is when it stops pumping water. You may notice that the pool water remains stagnant and the pump no longer moves the water. In this case, you will need to check the pump basket first to ensure that the lint is shut airtight. This could also be due to mud accumulation in the skimmer which might restrict water flow. If neither of these work, you can contact us and we will get to the root cause of your problem. If your pump fails to pump water, it is advisable to check the skimmer, pump baskets and check if there’s debris in the filter pipe. Generally, the pump impeller often gets clogged and is recommended to examine the whole system.

Air Leaks

Air leaking is another reason why failure in the pumping of water occurs. This occurs due to the presence of less mass than water; its presence can lead to more suction than pulling in the water. The main purpose of the pumps is to suck water and push it into the filter. But, since air is much lighter than water, your pool pump can sometimes suck in air as well. This can cause small leaks in the side of your pumps and this means that it may suck air instead of water. This will deteriorate the performance of the pumps. You might feel as though these air leaks are not a big deal initially but as time passes, these leaks will grow and make the problem worse.

Leaking of air before the impeller can lead to:

  • Low sealing threads in the place where the pipe enters.
  • Leakage in the valve of the suction
  • Plumbing breakage
  • Poor-fitting of the pump lid or the pump ring
  • Loose drain plug

Humming Noise

Sometimes you might notice that your pool pump won’t start at once and is making a humming noise. This could be because of any debris that is deposited in the impeller. To check the impeller, turn the power off first. Then remove the screws in the middle of the pump body and pull the assembly out of the housing. Then you should remove the gasket away from the impeller and remove any debris and re-assemble.

Low Flow Rate

If the flow rate has dropped, check your filter gauge first. This usually occurs due to a blockage in the pump or filter. If the gauge is clogged, it will reduce the pressure and as a result, and the water flow rate will reduce as well.

One of the most common culprits behind the malfunctioning of the pumps is either the pump having leads or it being clogged due to dirt and debris. If you experience a screeching or gurgling noise from the pool then it is calling for attention. You need to make sure that there is enough water in the pumps and enough suction lines are open. If the pump is making a weird rattling noise, contact us immediately and our team will arrive right on time.

Working with Pool Central

As one of the most experienced and highly sought after pool pump repair companies in Sydney, we have worked with different clients with a variety of swimming pool maintenance needs. This helps us to identify the problem with your pool easily and come to the right conclusion. If you are struggling to keep the pool water clean, or you can’t get rid of the debris deposited on the bottom of your pool or if your pump is not working efficiently- our team will be ready to fix the situation.

What Services Do We Provide?

  • Pool maintenance: pool inspection, draining and cleaning, water analysis and general cleaning.
  • Equipment install: heat pump, acoustic filter box, pressure wash and pool filters
  • Pool covers
  • Swimming pool lights
  • Saltwater pool chlorinator

Got something else in mind? Contact us on 9451 1020 and our team will assist you with any pool related query and provide a feasible solution. Get in touch with us today and make your way towards a cleaner and properly functioning pool.


Everything You Need To Know About Hiring A Pool Cleaning Service!

Everything You Need To Know About Hiring A Pool Cleaning Service!

Taking care of a pool is an activity that can turn out to be a little too extensive if you don’t know what to expect or opt for.

For the preservation of a pool, there is a list of incessant requirements and expectations of both pool cleaning services and pool maintenance services. To be able to get the right services in Sydney, it’s important to brief yourself up on everything there is to know about hiring a pool cleaning service to make sure you’re making the most out of your hire.

For Starters, Understand Your Pool!

Needless to say, if you’re truly passionate about getting yourself a pool cleaning service in Sydney that remains unmatched in comparison to the rest of the services available in the market, you need to begin by understanding your pool. If you aren’t well aware of the condition of your pool and what would be right for it, you will not be able to counter the dirt of your pool with the ideal service. No, we don’t mean you need to know the inside-outs of your pool, but knowing more about the different parts of your pool and their functions will make it easier for you to know what service you need.

What Do The Basics Include?

Before blinding yourself with the details of the pool in your research, it’s better to know the basics first. While opting for pool cleaning services near you, it’s important to know more about the pool, its water, the interiors and the filter system.

The Pool’s Water

Although this one’s as simple as the books go, the pool’s water is easily the most important part of any swimming pool cleaning service. Cleaning the pool’s water is an activity that you can go forward and perform on your own, however, if you’re not doing so practically every day, you will end up with pool water that’s beyond the comprehension of someone who is not a professional. While clean and clear is the esteemed motto of a healthy swimming pool, a mucky pool certifies a failure in maintenance. Hiring a pool cleaning service in Sydney can help you get to the root of the problem, whilst allowing you to opt for monthly maintenance services as well. At Pool Central, we work with the sole purpose of keeping your pool at its best. If the pool is well-maintained, so is your happiness.

The Pool’s Interior Lining/Wall

While the pool’s water is constantly in contact with your body, the water is constantly in contact with the interior walls of the pool. This primarily means that the walls are covered with dirt, mould, algae and debris. You can never truly know how contaminated the pool truly is since you can’t tell what enters its water. We don’t recommend you waste your time thinking about it and grossing yourself out, but we do recommend you perform a thorough clean up every month to make sure you’re matching up with the ideal pool hygiene standards. A good pool cleaning service never hurt anyone.

The Filter System

The filter system is considered to be the heart of a swimming pool and what does your heart exactly do? The heart takes in blood and circulates it to the rest of the body, whilst also filtering out the contaminants and cleaning out the impurities of your blood. In a similar way, the filter system of your pool keeps constantly filtering out the specks of dirt and germs that might have entered the pool. With the pool pump constantly running the water and the filter filtering out the pool’s system, you’re able to enjoy your swim in a pool that is pollutant-free. Without a functional filter system, your pool will be left cloudy and dirty, leaving it to be as good as a puddle of water amid mud. Always remember to keep your filter system clean and intact!

Once you’re aware of the parts of the pool, you must’ve already been able to form a certain headspace about the kind of services you will be needing over the run of owning a swimming pool. Even though several websites and articles will tell you how great a DIY job could be for you and how it could help you save heaping amounts of money, DIY jobs are seldom recommended, unless you’re simply cleaning your pool with the help of a net every day. There’s a lot more to a pool cleaning service in Sydney than just running over the leaves that rest atop the water. Checking the pH and chlorine levels, algae removal, maintenance of the pool’s filtration system, etc. are only a few of the tasks that a professional pool cleaning service will perform for you.

Even though the first thing you might resort to is hiring any professional pool cleaning service near you, it isn’t necessarily the best decision you can make for your pool’s maintenance. Services that are available nearby are not necessarily the best. To make sure you’re hiring a pool cleaning service that puts both the priorities of your swimming pool and your wants at the top of the list, you will need to perform a thorough amount of research to make sure you’re not missing out on a service that could’ve been much better for you. Pool Central is a reputable company, known for our unmatched pool cleaning services. With client testimonials that justify the services that we have to offer, if you’re looking for a company that can offer you both cleaning and maintenance services for your pool, you can contact us at 9541 1020 for more details.

Hire a reputable service and there’ll be no room for disappointments!