Pool Maintenance Service Sydney

Welcome to Pool Central, the ultimate pool maintenance service in Sydney

From toddlers and teenagers to the elderly, everyone loves to dive into a swimming pool. However, sometimes life gets in the way and we can forget to clean the water and equipment – and there’s nothing appealing about diving into filthy water!

Maintaining a swimming pool can prove to be a tough task that requires time, patience, skills and knowledge. But don’t worry, we are here to make your life easier by helping you save time that could be spent on other things, like swimming in your clean, fresh pool with friends and family.

At Pool Central, we offer an array of pool maintenance services. Let us look after your pool and ensure it remains hygienic and free of germs or disease so that you, your family and friends can continue enjoying all the benefits that come with sustaining your own little private oasis.

The following is a list of pool services we provide:

Equipment repair & installation

We offer a variety of pool services and repairs for swimming pool pumps, saltwater chlorinators and any other chemical dosing systems. Backed by skilled and trained technicians, we pride ourselves on being one of the leading suppliers of pool equipment in Sydney. Our array of equipment includes pumps, filters and chlorinators.

Get in touch if you need any repairs or installations! We are just a call away.

Pressure/acid wash

At Pool Central, we provide affordable swimming pool cleaning and maintenance services for any type of pool and pool equipment.

If your pool is aged or poorly maintained, it may lead to staining or chemical imbalances in the water, which places you and your family at risk. In some cases, longstanding stains can become extremely stubborn, and we may need to complete an acid wash to completely clean the surface.

Pool painting

Colour brings joy to our lives and so do pools, so why not paint your pool? Pool painting is usually carried out in the warmer months but, at Pool Central, we make sure you don’t waste your valuable summer aquatic time waiting for your newly painted pool to dry. We offer complete pool painting services and use industry-leading paints to ensure your pool is painted with precision and care in the colour of your choice.

Green pool service

No one likes to see their pool turning green due to algae buildup. Pool Central conducts pool water testing to discover the source of your algae problem and provide cost-effective approaches to remove it and restore your pool to its original crystal blue beauty.

Pool lights

Installing LED lights can enhance the appeal of your pool and create an inviting ambience that leaves you and your friends relaxed and in awe.

Swimming pool covers

We use Daisy solar covers to protect your pool from outside pollutants while you’re not using it.

Our full-range of swimming pool maintenance services at Pool Central are available in Sydney for residential, commercial, private, strata and private school swimming pools.

Get in touch with us at Pool Central to learn more about what we can do for you and your pool!