We Make Pool Maintenance Easy!

Pool owners know that maintenance isn’t easy. When it comes to fishing out debris and maintaining chlorine levels, pool cleaning can become time-consuming and cumbersome. Fortunately, Pool Central provides swimming pool maintenance services that can save you time and money.

With our state-of-the-art robotic pool cleaners and advanced water testing methods, we can ensure that your pool is safe, clean, and enjoyable for the entire family.

Common Signs Your Pool Needs Water Testing & Cleaning

Strong Chlorine Smell

While chlorine effectively eliminates algae and bacteria in your pool, a strong smell indicates a chemical imbalance. When chlorine interacts with significant volumes of contaminants, it creates chloramine, which can become harmful to the skin. 

Cloudy Water

Cloudy or murky water is also an indicator of a chemical imbalance in your pool water. Poor water circulation occurs due to a lack of circulation, too little sunlight, or too much rain. 

Discoloured Water

Green-coloured water is a telltale sign of algae. Algae consume chlorine quickly and can harbour hazardous growths like E-coli bacteria and other pathogens. 

Enlist pool water testing services as soon as your water turns brown or yellow.

Bubbles & Foam

Strong surface tension in your pool water causes bubbles and foam. This is typically a result of water interacting with foreign materials like sunblock, tanning lotion, soap, or other chemicals. 

Bugs & Insects

Pests such as mosquitoes and water beetles thrive in unclean pools. When left unattended, your pool can become a breeding ground for harmful bugs and insects. 

Why Should You Buy A Robotic Pool Cleaner?

They’re Energy Efficient

Unlike popular cleaning materials such as chlorine, a robotic pool cleaner doesn’t produce any hazardous chemicals. Instead, they use energy-efficient motors that suck debris from the water and tiles.

They Save You Time & Money

While chlorine is a sufficient everyday cleaner, purchasing multiple bottles along with pool water testing materials can cost you more than you can afford in a month. Hiring a professional to disinfect your space with a robotic pool cleaner can save you hundreds of dollars a month. Plus, you won’t have to waste time draining and scrubbing down your pool.

They’re Environmentally Friendly

Contrary to popular belief, a robotic pool cleaner doesn’t require high amounts of voltage to function. On average, a single machine will only consume about 60 to 70 watts an hour, which is enough to clean a large pool. 

They Are Safe To Use

A robotic pool cleaner is made for use underwater. Thus, you won’t have to worry about any dangerous accidents. Our trained professionals know what they’re doing and can provide a safe working environment. [/one_half]

Get Your Pool Tested & Robotically Cleaned Today!

If your pool demonstrates any of the signs mentioned above, it should undergo pool water testing as soon as possible. We at Pool Central, Sydney’s best pool service, can provide you with the right tools and solutions for maintaining a clean and safe pool. 

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