The Key to a Beautiful Pool!

You have invested hundreds of dollars into your pool to create the backyard of your dreams, but it can get difficult to maintain its cleanliness throughout the year. Many external factors play a major role in destroying the cleanliness of your pool, and you may find that there aren’t enough hours in the day to take adequate care of your pool or protect it from unwanted debris. A premium pool cover can save your pool from becoming littered with debris and ruining the scenery of your yard.

Even if you regularly maintain your pool, a night of bad weather can undo all your hard work. Imagine, an overnight storm hits and the next day you awaken to a pool covered in leaves, debris and external pollutants. If you don’t want to let all your hard work go to waste, buy a pool cover to protect your pool and save yourself the time usually spent on cleaning your pool.

At Pool Central, we not only maintain and repair pools in Sydney, but we also provide premium quality Daisy solar pool covers for all pool sizes. Whether it’s your backyard pool, commercial pool, strata pool or a private school pool, we can install amazing pool covers to make your life easier.

Daisy pool covers will add months to the swimming pool season and, of course, you can leave them over your pool in the colder months.

Pool covers keep pools clean and clear all year long, especially from the kinds of things that are out of your control, such as dead insects, shedding shrubs, branches and falling leaves. Additionally, pool covers remove the need for disinfectant, which is usually used to keep pools clean, so you can maintain an inviting pool that is chemical-free and safe for swimmers.

Keep your pool clean, covered and debris-free in the winter and ready for action in the summer!

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