A swimming pool is a great addition to any house in Sydney and serves the purpose of making a statement.

A well-planned pool, with regular maintenance, increases the home’s aesthetics. Keeping a pool clean and maintaining it regularly ensures it remains appealing and becomes the centre of most family or friends get-togethers. Thus, besides being an unlimited source of fun, it is also a place to bond with friends and family. One can further enhance it by adding pool lights to give your guests, a surprised look.

There are many types of good quality LED pool lights available to install in your pool that can help transform the pool into a different level making it all the more stunning and appealing to you and any guests that might come over. The pool lights help keep the pool safe at night hence also serve a practical purpose besides which they are also Eco-friendly and help towards the beautification of the pool too, especially at night. This article provides essential information on the various swimming pool lights for pool owners in Sydney.

Popular Pool Lights

In Sydney, pools and spas are a great source of fun and have been for ages. Similarly swimming pool lights have also been around for a long time but the difference is the type of pool lights used earlier were the old school incandescent swimming pool lights to make the pool more glamorous and attractive at night. In Sydney, all pools and spas owners have now moved on to LED swimming pool lights which help beautify the pool and make it more appealing. The pool lights available these days come in various colours, and there is no limit to how one can decorate their pool using different types of pool lights. For example, there is also the option of changing the colour of the pool using fancy colour swimming pool lights. Hence you can change the pool from blue to green or red at the touch of a button.

Swimming pool lights can either be surface mounted or flush-mounted. As the name suggests the surface mounted ones are placed on the interior surface of the pool and tend to be very big. On the other hand, the flush-mounted ones which are more popular do not protrude from the surface; they tend to blend in providing sufficient lighting at the same time ensuring a modern finish. Technology is advancing at a rapid pace which has lead to more innovative swimming pool light options in Sydney as listed here:

  • Halogen pool lights: Halogen lights have risen to popularity very fast since they first became available since the only other option was incandescent swimming pool lights They are a fine upgrade from those lights since they also utilise lesser energy and are durable. However, they tend to emit a yellow light over a while and are expensive to replace when required.
  • LED pool lights: Since the advent of LED swimming pool lights, the pool lighting standard has been raised to a new level altogether. Besides being environmentally friendly and long-lasting, they produce a clean and clear light that makes the pool highly appealing, especially at night. This type of lighting is preferred over other types of lighting since it does not emit any green or yellow colour glow.

Tips on Installing Pool Lights

There are many ways of installing the pool lights to make them more appealing and ensure your pools stand out. Here are a few tips for those in Sydney with pools and spas:

  • The number of swimming pool lights you will require mainly depends on the size of the pool and the design of the lighting arrangement. It also depends on the shape of the pool and the existing lighting arrangement.
  • A pool with more curves and corners will usually require more pool lights to create the necessary effect. Additionally, there is the option to keep certain sections of the pool dark or highlight other sections with more lights depending on the design.
  • It is a good idea to seek professional advice on the placement of the pool lights. However, a design for the lights is a must to ensure flexibility and reduce the cost of moving the lights just to ensure it looks great. It is always possible to add pool lights later but this can work out more expensive too. Thus, it is more feasible to plan the layout of the example of the light. , stairs into the pool should always be well lit.
  • The LED pool lights are very easy to operate and program; in fact, some of them also allow one to operate the lights using a smart device like a mobile phone app.
  • Since pool lights are not something you want to have to replace very frequently, it is a good idea to invest in good quality ones you are sure will stand the test of time.
  • Be sure to check the warranty and ensure the pool lights are to your expectations prior to buying them.
  • There is a wide range of pool lights out there like those with smart technology and fancy ones, hence seeking help from the professionals will usually pay off.
  • While designing the pool and the types of pool lights you plan to install inside, also consider pool scaping lighting. Beautifying the pool is important to make it more appealing, at the same time it is also a good idea to install fancy lighting in the area surrounding the pool to make your house all the more beautiful.

Get Help from the Best

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